1. It’s painful Root canal therapy does not cause pain; it relieves pain. A root canal is necessary when the inside of a tooth becomes infected, causing tenderness, sensitivity, and swelling. Dr. Lewis removes diseased tissue to eliminate the source of pain. He then restores the tooth’s form and function. The root canal relieves pain caused by pressure from infection within a tooth’s canal.
  2. It’s not safe. Root canal therapy is very safe. Current research shows that root canal treatment, performed by a trained dentist, such as our La Vista dentist, will decrease your risk of illness and prevent infection from spreading.
  3. There are better optionsMany people believe that extraction is a viable alternative to root canal therapy. If extracted, a tooth will have to be replaced with a bridge or dental implant to prevent other teeth from shifting and causing bite problems. When missing teeth are not replaced, additional tooth loss is common, as well. In comparison to root canal therapy, which Dr. Lewis can usually perform in just one visit, tooth replacement is costly and time-consuming. Prosthetic teeth can never replace exactly what nature gave you. Saving your natural tooth is a wise and conservative option.


With over a 95% success rate, root canal therapy is indeed a wonderful way to restore a diseased tooth’s health. Dr. Lewis’ modern methods and sedation options make root canal therapy comfortable. Many of our patients get so relaxed that they doze off during treatment!

Symptoms suggesting you may need a root canal include sensitivity to hot or cold, pain, swelling, pain to biting or pressure or a bad taste in your mouth. Sometimes, however, no symptoms are apparent and you may be unaware of any problem until your regular dental exam.